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Frequently Asked Questions

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Wabot if WhatsApp automation managing system, with incredible features such as auto replies, chatbot, mass messaging system, group contact export, and more.
You connect to Wabot by scanning QR code with your mobile phone, just like connecting to WhatsApp web platform, and then you can set up all the cool Wabot features.
No, Wabot doesn’t use WhatsApp official API, Wabot uses WhatsApp web connection to connect to your account.
Yes we offer support 24/7 available for you at Contact page
Yes you need to keep your phone connected to keep the connection active.
Yes you can change the numbers connected to Wabot as much as you like.
You can cancel your subscription at any time at PayPal subscriptions center, For more info Click Here
If you find Wabot is unsuitable for you, You can get a refund within 7 days after activating your account.